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T-Series Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper

T-Series Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper, Primarily for vehicle towing, the Load-Release Tow-Behind magnetic sweeper functions over any terrain, in any weather condition. Sealed-Bearing, Solid Rubber wheels will never puncture!.

To Release Debris, Simply Pull “Up” on the Top Mounted Release Bar and Debris Falls Free!.

Product Applications:
- Construction Sites.
- Ready-Mix Facilities.
- Waste Management Facilities & Landfills.
- Airports & Runways.
- Equine & Dressage Facilities.
- Salvage Yards.
- Parks & Recreation Facilities.
- Recycling Centers.

Magnetic Sweeper for Tow Behind is simply to hang on your Tow Behind and sweep your whole roads, parking place, airport and more places.

T-Series Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper

Spesifikasi T-Series Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper :
Model Number
Magnet Width
36 inch / 91 cm
48 inch / 122 cm
60 inch / 152 cm
72 inch / 183 cm
84 inch / 213 cm
96 inch / 244 cm
Overall Width (with wheels)
45 inch / 114 cm
55 inch / 140 cm
67 inch / 170 cm
79 inch / 201 cm
91 inch / 231 cm
103 inch / 262 cm
Lifting Capacity
91 kg
113 kg
136 kg
159 kg
181 kg
204 kg
Release Function
Shipping Weight
28 kg
33 kg
38 kg
42 kg
48 kg
51 kg
- Towable magnet can be towed from a variety of vehicles
- Internal load release feature for easy cleaning
- No exposed parts or cleaning trays to damage!
- Tow-behind magnetic sweepers remove metal debris from concrete grooves
- Construction is heavy gauge steel and aircraft-grade aluminum housing
- Sweeper removes hazardous metal debris from Trucking Terminals, Airport Terminals, Airport Runways, Disposal Areas, Construction Sites, Plant Areas, etc.
- Removeable handle for suspension mounting
- 3″ ground clearance, heavy-duty, highest strength, all-weather permanent Grade-8 magnetic construction
- Hanging magnetic sweepers gather FOD while you drive around your work area!
- Available in 36″/914mm, 48″/1219mm, 60″/1524mm, 72″/1829mm, 84″/2134mm and 96″/2438mm sizes
- Unconditional product performance guarantee

Unduh katalog T-Series Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper:

Katalog T-Series Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper

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